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Founded in 2021, Myami Bites is known as the newest love child of the duo behind Spanglish Cocina + Bar, located in Charleston, SC.  MB takes pride in being part of the GatherGVL family, bringing you the best of the Miami Street Food we grew up eating all our lives.

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What to expect at Myami Bites

Myami Bites is NOW OPEN for LUNCH & Dinner!


We are closed Mondays, as is GatherGVL, so our team has a chance to spend time with family and friends, but mostly to rest.


Our Miami-Inspired menu will include a variety of different Miami Street Foods like Empanadas, our famed Cuban Sandwich, Pan con Lechon, Croquetas and much more! Our stall at GatherGVL is a bit on the "small" side (about 150 s/f) so our offerings will be minimal, but we will make sure to bring you the favorites for sure! We hope to offer specials on a weekly basis too and maybe some bottled Cuban Coffee Lattes to go.....maybe?

How long does food usually take? Well... as you know, all our sandwiches are PRESSED on the plancha. We like to give an estimated time frame of how long it could take to complete your order (about 12-15 minutes) but it can take slightly longer. We want you to have a HOT and perfect sandwich (example: meats to be hot and cheese melted) to enjoy but coming to the window, rushing your order, is not a good idea!  On busy days like Fridays and Saturdays, you could maybe wait about 20-25 minutes, so if you don't have time to wait for your meal, you can opt call it in and pay over the phone 305.720.1327. We would then get started on your order and when you arrive, it should be ready to go!  This option will be treated as a TO-GO order in our system and it will be packaged accordingly.  

Also, if its BUSY, its BUSY! We do our best to get food out as quickly as possible but sometimes, we just have to wait and trust us, it will be worth the wait. 

There are plans of us partnering up with DoorDash and other food delivery apps and that should come into effect May 2021.  Oh yeah, btw, we are in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM ASSOCIATED WITH ‘YELP’ or any third party site as of yet, SO PLEASE DO NOT GO BY WHATS POSTED ON THEIR WEBSITES. Any questions, please contact us directly at 305.720.1327. 

NEWSFLASH: Covid still sucks. As you know, some states are lifting restrictions and some already have but we at Myami Bites are not quite ready to lift our own restrictions. As we continue to follow all CDC guidelines to ensure that our guests and our staff remain safe, we ask that you PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASKS when visiting us at our stall at GatherGVL. If you don't we will probably back away a little and look at you funny......just kidding. We genuinely have no desire to get sick or disrespect your wellness and safety by NOT wearing a mask ourselves. It's a RESPECT thing for us. 

Any other questions or concerns, or if you're interested in Myami catering your next event, holla at us and drop us an email -!

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100% Cuban. Classically Trained. Miami Chef. Fierce Friend.                  Craft Beer Lover. The Best Dog Parent EVER! :)

Tomas Prado is a classically trained, Cuban-American Chef who always aspired to open a Cuban American concept. He and his wife, Lynda, opened Spanglish Cocina + Bar in Charleston, South Carolina in honor of his heritage and love for his family.  He and his wife fell in soon fell head over heels in love with Greenville and said, "Why don't we have a second child and call her Myami Bites...and bring her here to this new city we fell in love with?"  

In his culinary career, Tomas has worked alongside some of the world’s most renowned Chefs including Daniel Boulud, Jose Andres, Sam Gorenstein and most recently before heading to Charleston, he worked as the chef at Andrew Carmellini’s wildly popular rooftop restaurant and lounge Westlight in Brooklyn, New York.  His wife, Lynda, comes with an extensive background in hospitality and also did a bit of street art while living in Miami. Lynda is also the Creative Director for Myami Hospitality Group.

Both were “born and raised in da County of Dade” and raised by Cuban families. Lynda was born in the Miami and Tomas was born in Hialeah… bueno, knowing that....."ya tu sabe."

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